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It all began in mid-June 1984 on the opening day of Burger King #4131 (sadly it closed in April of 2020) when I worked 5-8pm on fries for the Jan Companies. At that moment I was hooked. A kid whose grandfather once owned a small coffee shop in Montreal; I wondered if it was in my veins. I worked through high school, 4 years of attending college and when in 1989 upon graduation at Rhode Island College yielded me anything special, I remained with Janco and rose through the managerial ranks and remained there until 1992. After meeting the love of my life through Church, she introduced me to the Kassab family and Stainless Incorporated - a kitchen and decor supplier for the Burger King brand. She designed Burger King restaurants domestically and internationally, while I learned the supply-side of this great industry in Customer Service and as Installation Manager. In 1998, we moved back to New England and the career in Sales began as I tried to put my years of operational experience to good use. Today, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of operators in different brands trying to put their dreams in to reality. I count my blessings each day and thank the very operators that have entrusted me and the companies I represent. 


Steve Megrdichian

CFSP I, Certified Food Service Professional

Rena Megrdichian

Design Consultant

Kristina Scott

Webmaster and 

Design Consultant

NCIDQ #28743


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